Best places to travel for animal lovers

Furry friends and wildlife are found in every corner of the planet, but these places get you extra close-up and personal with both the friendly and the fierce.


Polar bears in Svalbard, Norway

Polar bears have found a home in Svalbard, growing the population of these animals in this area to almost 3,000! This makes sightings in the area even more regular, especially between the months of May and September.


Fly to: Longyearbyen


Rabbit hopping on Japan’s Okunoshima Island

What used to be a place to test chemicals has been transformed into a national park where bunnies roam freely. Though no one is sure of where they came from, one thing is clear – they’re friendly creatures and fit perfectly with Japan’s “cute culture” image.

Okunoshima Island


Chickens in Key West

These birds began taking over Key West when people stopped turning live chickens into dinner and cock-fighting was banned. Now, they serve as a natural bug-control on organic farms and spend their time roaming freely. Residents who have had enough of them capture them and bring them to a wildlife center to be looked after. Let’s see how long you last with crowing all day!

Key West

Fly to: Miami


Golden Retriever Heaven in Fort William

Hardly your typical holiday destination, every summer Fort William in Scotland hosts a “Guisachan Gathering” to honor Golden Retrievers in their ancestral home. Hundreds of Goldens run and play together in the fields of this Scottish haven.

Guisachan Gathering

Fly to: Edinburgh

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